What is VISIT?

Value In Sight In Tech

VISIT is a virtual reality contents technology development company. 

We started with the creation of high quality VT content, 

and expanded from location-based to design and development.

 What We Do?









As virtual reality becomes more widespread, we face increasing considerations and challenges around quality. VISIT provides the highest quality content with amazing detail of color and user interface. We scan different setting and output 8K-HQ pixel high resolution photos with HDR color. Our content allows users to experience spaces as if they are actually there.

Design Company andregular, established in 2017, is a visual research company that is planning and researching in pursuit of sophisticated and sensuous descriptions. At andregular, which designs visual objects in various field, it analyzes the characteristics of objects and contents, from initial concept design to detailed work. We designed and provided the output based on the analysis. With the VR software company in the second half of 2019, andregular takes a new leap forward together with VISIT inc. We expanded our business domain through full rebranding to the department dedicated to virtual reality-based business ‘andregular’.

Through VR contents service, we can enjoy artist’s painting, We will launch a service that can be purchased or rented in the second half of 2019. The works of artists from ‘VISIT’ will be displayed in hotels, shared offices and houses, You can find detailed information about the work in VT. If you would like to contact us, we will assist you with the direct delivery and installation of your gallery work. In addition, you can ask our professional managers for advice on performing arts and exhibitions.

Our location-based sevice is an officially recognized business operator approved by the Ministry of information in Korea and Communication and KT(Korea Telecom) It provides various additional services that link content with both indoor and outdoor locations. In addition, our solution is WebGL-based software compatible with most devices, including mobile and PCs, which allows anyone around the world to purchase content without having to purchase a separate installer. We are in the process of developing innovative new applications using location-based service.

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